Apple and pear porridge

Porridge with apple and cinnamon

Many people swear that a hearty bowl of porridge is the best way to start the day – particularly if it’s our healthy recipe!

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Pancake served with avocado and salmon

Sunday breakfast

For a late breakfast on Sunday morning or any time on Shrove Tuesday, try this delicious combination of buckwheat pancakes served with smoked salmon and avocado. Recipe serves 4. Mix…

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Freshly baked banana bread

Pecan and banana bread

This high-protein, grain-free bread makes a delicious breakfast option or snack. Makes a 1lb loaf – about 10 to 12 slices. The bread is best served warm or toasted, spread…

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Apple and pear porridge

Healthy porridge

The perfect breakfast for some early winter warmth, and much more healthy than traditional porridge. Soak some jumbo oats in cold water for an hour (not essential, but it does…

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Healthy green smoothie in a mason jar

Green juice

Super healthy booster to start your day. Or, for that matter, great at any time of day.

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Healthy breakfast. Fresh granola, muesli in a glass jar. copy space.Organic oat,almond and sunflower seeds

Gluten free granola

All our nutritionists agree that taking gluten out of your diet whenever possible is a good idea. So, why not make yourself a stock of healthy granola to enjoy with…

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Freshly chopped fruit in bowls

Fresh fruit

There’s no real need to provide a recipe for this! Just pick your favourite fruits, make sure they are fresh, and chop them in to bit sized chunks and serve….

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Yoghurt with traditional spoons

Coconut & cashew yoghurt

Deliciously healthy, and you don’t have to add all of the powders suggested in the ingredients, but it’s a very good way to pack lots of superfood powders in. Once…

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Bircher muesli with apples and bananas

Bircher muesli

The trick with bircher muesli is to make it a couple of days in advance and store it in your fridge. Soak any flakes or a combination (buckwheat, millet, rice,…

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Berry smoothie served in a mason jar

Berry and coconut ultraclear smoothie

Quick, simple and delicious. If you’re in a hurry and need to rush out the door, just pour in to a cup or glass and get going.

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